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Interview Skills Training

Interviewing in a second language can be a daunting experience so preparation is everything.

Whether applying for positions with international companies, for university courses or school places our training will prepare you for the process and ensure you are confident and fully equipped for success.

To be your best on the day, you first need to impress on paper. We will help you produce a powerful English CV, deal with application forms and submit memorable personal statements.

What will I improve at?

  • Selling yourself in clear, persuasive, grammatically correct written and spoken English
  • Delivering controlled, relevant answers to your interview questions
  • Using business English and technical terms
  • Dealing with the most frequently asked English interview questions
  • English pronunciation and intonation
  • Controlling your nerves by using proven pre-interview preparation techniques
  • Asking effective questions and negotiating terms and conditions
  • Using metaphor and idioms in English
  • Recognising and using your personal strengths to make a positive impression
  • Using positive body language and NLP techniques to build rapport and engage with your interviewer
  • Understanding cross cultural differences between English speaking countries and your own

Presentation Skills Training

Inform ─ Inspire ─ Persuade 

Word Power has one simple aim. We want to make our clients more effective presenters or public speakers in English.

By more effective we mean clearer, more engaging, more persuasive and more able to change opinion or win new business.

Word Power delivers dynamic English presentation training to individuals or to groups of up to eight people.  We offer training through courses or bespoke one to one sessions. Training is delivered entirely in English and designed to be a fun, engaging learning experience that will improve all aspects of your presentation skills in English. 

What will I improve at?

  • Delivering your material in grammatically perfect English
  • Using pre-presentation routines and exercises to develop your vocal and English pronunciation skills
  • Empathising and engaging with your English speaking audience.
  • Planning, structuring and delivering powerful, relevant, persuasive presentations in English that offer clear benefits to your audience
  • Using English to inspire and motivate
  • Using business English and technical terms
  • Employing proven oratorical techniques to increase the power of your message and delivery
  • Using metaphor and idioms in English
  • Dealing with question and answer sessions in English
  • Image management and media awareness 

You will also

  • Understand and control your nerves when presenting in a second language 
  • Eliminate bad presentation habits and use your personal strengths to full advantage 
  • 'Find your voice” and brand yourself as an English speaker 
  • Take command of your space, use positive body language and learn proven performance techniques 
  • Use props, flip charts, PowerPoint and keynote to maximum effect
  • Develop cross cultural awareness of English speaking countries

To request information about the structure and timing of our one day courses or bespoke individual training please contact us in whichever way you prefer.

Professional English Services

Before you start speaking you first need to present at your best on paper. Allow Word Power Professional English Services to help you open doors.

What can we help with?

  • Script writing in English
  • Proof reading and correction of English texts
  • School and university applications in English
  • Job applications with English organisations
  • Personal statements in English
  • Presenting your CV in English
  • Spanish – English translations

Word Power. Training that means business.


Shaun is a great teacher. He is patient, positive and motivating. He has helped me focus and stay confident and shown me that with careful planning my English can go a long way.


Jordi P. - Radio Cataluna