The Word Power Story: 100% organic

Word Power evolved into a professional service after Shaun was introduced to an anxious executive in Barcelona preparing for a potentially career changing English presentation.

After helping her deliver a business winning presentation Shaun found his phone started to ring. Other professionals in the city clearly shared her anxiety and after several requests for help, the idea for Word Power was born.

Building on his fifteen year teaching background Shaun returned to London to study as a presentation skills trainer. Now back in Barcelona he trains clients including lawyers, business executives, doctors, academics and students to successfully present in English.

Shaun Harrison (BA Hons, P.G.C.E)

Word Power’s director and lead trainer Shaun Harrison, is a graduate of English studies and a UK qualified teacher. He has worked in British and international education, teacher training and educational management for fifteen years. He has worked with English second language learners for most of that time.

He has also worked as a trainer in London for Thorn EMI and successfully presented in London to high profile retailers including Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

Shaun is fascinated by all aspects of the presentation process and brings his energy and passion for teaching to every Word Power session. He loves to bring the best out in people and empower them to achieve their goals.

Kyran Esparza (BA Hons: Oxon)

Kyran is Word Power’s university application and interview consultant. He was born and was educated in Barcelona. As a graduate of the University of Oxford’s Worcester College, Kyran is able to advise and guide candidates through the daunting process of application forms, personal statements and academic interviews. 



Shaun’s ability to turn my jumble of thoughts into a sensible, coherent, persuasive and effective presentation was highly impressive. I recommend his service 100% to native and non-native speakers of English. It was fun too. Shaun’s a great person to spend time with so I enjoyed the journey as well as the destination. He has a very keen sense of what he is doing and delivers his constructive criticism with great charm!  Worth every penny! 


Walter R. - Independent Financial Advisor  - Spectrum Investment Group


Word Power. Training that means business.